At Le Divano Italia, it’s our passion and pride to bring the Italian living concept to Irish customers. With this aim, we are working closely with worldwide recognised Italian brands – NicolettiHome and Ego Italiano to bring high quality contemporary sofas focused on Italian design and unique comfort to the Irish market.

As an exclusive branded store of NicolettiHome and Ego Italiano with gallery collection, we offer a wide range of harmonised contemporary Italian designs sofa collections, handcrafted in Italy by skilled people, covered fully with finest 100 % genuine Italian leather with unique Italian switching. We strongly believe our unique strategy “Made in Italy, 100% Genuine Italian Leather” will help to build up the confidence and loyalty of Irish customers to redesign their approach to branded living room furniture rather than buying a sofa.

Our sales team are fully trained in each stage of leather process and well capable to advise the best leather based on the softness, Surface strength, Smoothness, S. They will be able to answer your doubts like – will the colour fade with access to sunlight, will jeans / cloth colours/ diy will absorb to leather, will coffee / wine or ketchup spilling destroy sofas With the support of BS 1108 testing standards.

In retail shopping, Irish customers have easy access to exclusive outlets while they are shopping for perfumes, clothing, and mobiles and even for buying a car. However, when it comes to buying sofas for their loving living room, they are forced to buy from a general furniture store due to the lack of an exclusive outlet for sofas. This causes huge difficulties and challenges to customers to make proper decisions while buying sofas- especially leather sofas. We noticed this is the key reason for people to change their sofas frequently and move from leather to fabric and vice versa. We aim to fill this gap in the Irish market with our branded exclusive store with more than 300 colour of genuine Italian leathers collections to meet your requirements and also offer proper advice to customer rather than simply selling sofas.

Did you face this situation?? Our journey started in 2016 to resolve this problem in the market and every year we try to improve ourselves to make your living room fitted out by Italian brand sofas like your car and phone.


  • 2016 (Nov)- Started trading from Kylemore Road, Dublin 10
  • 2020 (Oct) – Rebranded to Gallery outlet of NicolettiHome and Ego Italiano
  • 2021 (Oct) – Launched brand in Ideal Home 2021(Oct 2021)